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300 Click for offerThe Polytechnic University said it has decided to halt its search after a sweep of the trash-littered campus for a second straight day failed to find anyone left behind. On Tuesday, one person was found — a young woman in weak condition. The tentative settlement announced earlier this week, involving nearly 2,300 cases in federal court and 23 states, included terms that Purdue Pharma would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy imminently. Typically, when a company begins bankruptcy proceedings, all litigation against it is, at least temporarily, stayed.

Deborah L. TurnerSouth Newfane, Vt. Annie Leist, a 45-year-old artist who is sight impaired, crawled holding her white cane as an added degree of difficulty. “You really felt the experience of being this soft mass of human body on the hardness and roughness of the sidewalk,” said Ms. Leist. She found it physically more difficult than anticipated but felt buoyed by people cheering her on. “It wasn’t a race but it was sort of a competition with yourself,” she added.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEBoth the identity of the buyer and the purchase price were covered by a confidentiality clause, the statement said. The painting will “soon be exhibited in an important museum” where it will “finally come into the light for all to see,” it added. Many cited concerns that the study sample was biased: It was based on the confessions of 155 convicts who had sought out therapy in prison, not on a representative sample of pedophiles, a much broader group with diverse habits.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYwhile seeming pleasant. — Fred Back then, I couldn’t fathom just how improbable it was that my mother had found her way into that kitchen at all. She led a sheltered life in Chula Vista before graduating from San Diego State in 1968. There have been few eras during which the racial malady of the nation, always lying in wait like Camus’s plague, flared to the proportions of the late 1960s. President Lyndon Johnson’s ambitious Great Society initiative was in full effect, and though she had intentions of pursuing a graduate degree, Mom decided first to put her idealism into practice. She took a position in the San Diego County War on Poverty program, in Otay Mesa — the same neighborhood as the conservative Baptist church where her father was the minister — and became the director of a center providing basic social and recreational services to low-income black and Mexican families. One evening, she hosted a community meeting and invited the executive director of the county agency to speak. As the fastidious Southerner standing before her carefully laid out his vision of social justice, my mother listened rapt, feeling as if he were speaking not just to her but from her, putting into words the inchoate jumble of thoughts that had been stirring in her mind for years.

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Why the low price? Underwriters at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America were cautious, Mr. de la Merced and Ms. Konger write. They appear to have been concerned about the poor reception for Lyft after the Uber rival’s debut in March, longstanding questions regarding Uber’s business model and stock market turmoil driven by U.S.-China trade tensions. Before his book “The Fault in Our Stars” sold 23 million copies and spawned a hit movie starring Shailene Woodley, John Green wrote “Looking for Alaska,” a semi-autobiographical novel inspired by his time in boarding school. The book centers on Miles Halter, a reserved student fascinated with famous last words and an enigmatic girl, Alaska Young. It won praise from organizations like the American Library Association and School Library Journal but was met with controversy in some school districts for its references to sex, drugs and alcohol.

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It no doubt helped Mr. Di Maio that Five Star members of parliament were unlikely to precipitate early elections, which would deprive many of the anti-establishment politicians of their government jobs and salaries. The movement risked being wiped out should national elections be called. For weekly email updates on residential real estate news, sign up here. Follow us on Twitter: @nytrealestate.

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Both of my kids were born after their due dates, and I tried every trick I heard of, no matter how kooky, to get them to come out: acupuncture, eating spicy foods and going for endless walks. I wish I’d had this article from Melinda Wenner Moyer back then. She examined all the “non-medical” ways women try to induce their own labor and parsed out whether they were more myth than truth. Mr. Barr also swiftly cleared Mr. Trump of obstruction of justice, even as the special counsel report stated, “If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.”

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“I’m a little bit speechless,” Barty said after she recorded 18 winners against 11 unforced errors. “It’s been a whirlwind few weeks to be honest, and to be able to follow in the footsteps of Evonne and even mentioned in the same sentence is incredible.”

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